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NRF Covid Resolve

Fast track dispute resolution

Economic uncertainty and disruption to supply chains and ongoing projects caused by COVID-19 are expected to last for a significant period of time. Many companies are struggling to meet their contractual obligations, giving rise to a high number of inter- and intra-company disputes, especially relating to force majeure.

The volume and similarity of potential claims means traditional dispute resolution methods are too slow, burdensome and costly to expedite swift resolution. With this in mind, we have developed NRF Covid Resolve, an online legal process based on purpose built technology and best-in-class legal and industry knowledge to address these issues and help our clients get back to business as soon as possible.

A novel and appropriate solution, through a single institution that aims to achieve an outcome for each dispute within five weeks by combining a disciplined set of legal mechanics, created and managed by Norton Rose Fulbright LLP; with an accompanying process and online platform, developed and supported by NRF Transform, our legal design and product teams.

  • Speed to resolution
  • Simple, clear process and platform
  • Fixed, appropriate pricing
  • Industry leading mediators, and third party arbitrators, appropriate to
    the sophistication of the issues at hand

  • If you need any support please contact us at support@covid-resolve.com